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    A collection of PLM holiday
    greetings over the years…

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  A Polyhedron of Positivity — 2005

We sent our first holiday greeting in 2005 — and what could have been more suitable than our Polyhedron of Positivity? It may be a flat picture of some pretty polygons to start, but only until the picture is cut out and folded. Tape or glue the tabs and it makes our favorite of the five regular polyhedra, a twelve-faced dodecahedron.* Gently toss it onto a flat surface, then read the message that lands on top to see what happy circumstances your day may bring. Or, simply hang it with an ornament hook and it makes a cheerful and colorful decoration, bound to be a fun conversation-starter.

*A dodecahedron [dō dekəˈhēdrən] is a three-dimensional shape with twelve flat,
equal pentagonal faces equally spaced around a sphere, 20 vertices, and thirty edges
of equal length.