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Here at PLM, we have much to be grateful for. Since opening our doors in 2005, we’ve received more support and encouragement than we could have imagined — from our old friends and colleagues near and far, and the many creative, brilliant, and abundantly enthusiastic new friends we’ve made along
the way.

Our journey brought us through amazing experiences. We’ve learned from our failures and rejoiced in successes, always knowing that every success was made possible by people like you — our friends, our partners, and especially the students and educators we strive
to serve.

Mars City —
Balloon Physics Challenge
High School
Virtual Physics Lab
Virtual Physics Lab  
Wheeling, West Virginia:
Historic Places and
Familiar Faces
Wheeling: A Brief History  
NASA Explorer Schools —
Retool and Enhance
Verses from the Hills  
Walking Pleasant Valley  
Planets and Stars and Me…
Oh My!
Foundations of Freedom  
iNSIGHT (Pre-2022)  
The Colonial Age  
Astronomy Village:
Investigating the Solar System
Astronomy Village:
Investigating the Universe
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A collection of PLM holiday greetings over the years…